Shops and Stores

Are you the owner of a shop or a store?

Then we invite you to discover Feng Shui and thus take advantage of the available spaces. The science of Feng Shui makes it possible to adapt the spaces with the goals of your business or store, and let them work for you.

In a store or shop we must attract the customer to enter, to feel comfortable, to be fascinated by the presentation of the products and to make a purchase at the end.

I go for a walk in the center of the city in the afternoon, my mind is scattered after my workday. I pass by several stores and shops, which I really only perceive from the corner of my eye.

Suddenly I stop in front of a store, walk in and immediately feel good. The person in the store attends me kindly and in the end I leave with a purchased item, something that I had not planned.

What happened? Very easy, I have followed my intuition!

Feng Shui gives a language to our intuition. This language consists of shapes, colors, materials, and symbols.

These are the steps we will follow:

Anamnesis Interview and Site Inspection

Taking all the data of the human team, the business and the buildings:

  • interview with the owner or manager
  • site visit, collection of relevant datas
  • definition of specific objectives for business advice

Determination of the Energy Status of your Company

  • analysis of the environment, site visit and buildings: from the outside in
  • determination of the flow of energy at the spatial level through shapes, colors, materials
  • determination of energy flow in the business process

Debugging of internal business processes from an energy point of view

  • loss of energy (sick leave, fluctuation, high outstanding debts, etc.)
  • energy blocks (bullying, interrupted flow of information …)
  • determination and analysis of interference fields inside and outside the company building

Determination of Energy Sectors using the Compass Method

  • determination of missing areas, determination of sector extensions
  • relationship and influence of these in company events
  • harmonization and activation with concrete proposals

Energy Flow in the Company

  • doors, windows, shape of rooms and furniture as indicators of energy supply
    • identification of areas with congestion and energy stagnation
    • suggestions for optimal energy supply for the company (using targeted business acupuncture)

Alignment of the Company to Achieve Objectives

  • determination of relevant and beneficial energy qualities
  • activation and targeting of these energies through style and design elements and style corresponding to your interior design

Written Evaluation of the Analysis

You will receive the results of the summary analysis work in writing. In addition to the various floor plans, harmonization measurements and numerous tables explaining the tips are included. Each Feng Shui analysis also includes a priority list that the consultant will draw up for you.

For a successful analysis, it is essential that all Feng Shui measures are consistent. Because each change has an impact on all the factors of a business.

So it is important where and with what changes you start. Our priority list will be a guide to the successful implementation of your Feng Shui guidelines.

Your Investment

Rate: € 15 per m² of living space (from 80 square meters).

Since each analysis at home requires the same minimum development, even for small spaces, we start with a basic fee of € 1,200, –

Prices do not include current VAT.


Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

Are you interested?