Feng Shui for Real Estate

Feng Shui is based on the harmonization of spaces, be it a house and its rooms, or a company and its offices.

For this reason there are three axes in which my offer of Feng Shui for Real Estate moves:

Analysis of Floor Plans

It is convenient to analyze the plans of a house in these cases:

  • New construction – we can adapt the property to its inhabitants or to its function
  • Renovation – by changing the property, you change your Feng Shui
  • Purchase – know in advance if the Feng Shui of the property meets the needs and personality of the buyers

“Home is where the heart is”.

John Green

Analysis of Properties

It can happen that a client who has just bought the house of his dreams suddenly calls you and tells you that he is not comfortable there, that he has a bad feeling.

To solve this, we can make an analysis that will include the environment of the house, the house itself, its distribution and those who inhabit it.

We investigate the resident’s feeling of discomfort and harmonize the property with Feng Shui techniques.

The analysis is the basis of the Feng Shui recommendations to harmonize and align the synergies of the property, always taking into consideration the people who live or work there.

Analysis of Real Estate Office

A Real Estate is a business, so I analyze the office or group of offices according to the Business Feng Shui methodology.

With this, we align the property with its function, with the management objectives and with the people who make up the human team.

Although we are talking about spaces, Feng Shui is always applied so that these spaces are in resonance with the people who either inhabit it or work in it and with this they will be able to achieve their personal or professional desires.

What does Feng Shui bring to my Real Estate Company?

For the Real Estate Company

  • Spaces in line with corporate objectives

  • More precise and efficient use of available spaces

  • Synergy between company, space and worker


For the Employees

  • Greater availability and commitment

  • More sense of success and recognition

  • Greater team spirit


Feng Shui for Real Estate

In the e-book we detail the possibilities of making Business Feng Shui work for your Real Estate Office.


First the space influences the person and then the person influences the space.

Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

Are you interested?