Feng Shui Home Analysis Online

The online analysis of Feng Shui is a first benefit in the implementation of Feng Shui. Some aspects can be worked out remotely.

At this point, we would like to emphasize once again that online analysis can only capture a part of Feng Shui, that is, the spatial dimension that manifests itself on the floor plan. Other essential conditions, such as the external environment, cannot be conceived and therefore cannot be taken into account.


  • Establishment of Bagua Reference Lines
  • Determination of the geometric center
  • Determination of the energy center
  • Calculation and drawing of the individual sectors of Bagua
  • Assigning Bagua sectors to Kua elements, colors, shapes, trigrams, and numbers
  • Definition of missing areas
  • Definition of extensions
  • Individual activation conclusion
  • Brief summary evaluation of the analysis results


  • In order to provide reliable advice, we need the following documents or information in advance:
    • A copy of a current, full-scale floor plan with all possible modifications and additions
    • Use a colored pen to outline the outer contour of your general plan
    • Make sure your floor plan is aligned to the north (you can see the north arrow)
    • We also need the dates of birth of all family members
    • What problems would you like to solve with Feng Shui?

Written Evaluation of Analysis

You will receive the results of the analysis work summarized in writing including the floor plan with the Bagua.

Your Investment

Rate: € 480,-

Prices do not include current VAT.


Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

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