At Business Feng Shui we renew the spaces of your company or business so that people are happy, are in resonance with the spaces and thus can pursue and achieve their professional desires and aspirations.

Business Feng Shui is valuable for your company or business, since it enables you to work better, to live better.

By applying the science of Feng Shui to your company or business, it will be in resonance with its nature and function, it will develop its full potential and enjoy a unique competitive advantage.

Business Feng Shui gives you the freedom to go after your professional desires, seeking sustainability for your company or business.

With the Business Feng Shui I work with, your company or business will reach a new level of evolution.

The spaces of your office, premises or establishment will work for you.

Feng Shui for Hotels

Corporate Office

In Feng Shui we always move from the outside to the inside, so when observing we go from the outside environment until we reach the work table of the person who works on it.


A hotel is a fascinating space in which multiple professional disciplines come together. With Business Feng Shui, each of them can express themselves according to their nature and at the same time feel part of the whole.

Feng Shui for Home Office

Feng Shui proposes measures to harmonize your personal space and your workspace in your home and creates a connection with your company, your professional network or your workers.

Freelancers and Professionals

Are you self-employed and are you currently developing your professional activity from your home?

Employed Worker

Are you currently in the situation of working from home for your company?

Companies and Commercial Networks

Is a large part of your team currently working from their respective home?

Feng Shui for Consultations, Shops and Offices

With Feng Shui we renew the spaces of your business, commerce, consultation or store so that you are happy, you are in line with your spaces and thus you can pursue your desires and achieve your professional goals.

Consultations and Therapies

Medical or manual therapy consultations where patients come to heal and alleviate their ailments. Feng Shui configures your professional space so that each activity of your practice receives the natural energies it needs and thus make your patients feel good.

Commerce and Store

Feng Shui helps you get more customers to enter your business, feel comfortable in it, notice items and thereby increase sales opportunities.

Office and Chancellery

Feng Shui enables the location and distribution of an office or chancellary depending on the type of work – commercial, accounting, research – and the person who works in this space.

Feng Shui for Companies

In Business Feng Shui we create the necessary synergies for your company or business group to work towards a common goal. We create a more harmonious environment, healthy and vitalizing spaces. At the same time we activate creativity, productivity and a greater team spirit.


In Business Feng Shui we can analyze an office, a set of offices, a corporate building and their relation: from the set to the unit, all in tune with the objectives of the company.

En Feng Shui siempre nos movemos desde afuera hacia adentro, por lo que al observar vamos desde el entorno exterior hasta llegar a la mesa de trabajo de la persona que trabaja en ella.

Feng Shui for Real Estate

In the Real Estate, Feng Shui can help you in several ways:

  • Knowing the Feng Shui of your property will allow you to install and decorate it more harmoniously according to your needs
  • If you do any builiding or renewal in your property, its Feng Shui can change significantly
  • We perform a Feng Shui analysis and align your business with your professional goals
  • We seek synergies so that you feel integrated into your real estate network
  • An analysis before buying a property will help you to know whether it fits your family, personal or professional needs

Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

Are you interested?