Logo Design and Review according to Feng Shui

The logo is the figurehead, the representative of each company in the outside world. Here, all important information about the individuality, the offer and the philosophy of the company should be grouped in a central symbol.

Because whether your (potential) clients keep your business card or throw it away depends fundamentally on the first impression and, therefore, also on the strength and charisma of your logo.

Therefore, it is vitally important that the logo message corresponds to your goals and visions and that this core message is also creatively implemented for your company.

However, no graphic designer learns that in training from him. Most logos are designed in accordance with fashion trends, and many logos lack strength and clarity.

This is where Feng Shui logo analysis comes into play. We show you a different level of perception, which is inherent to your customers and the general public, and therefore is connected to your company.

Logo Analysis according to Feng Shui takes into account:

  • what is the basic energy orientation of your logo
  • where does the energy (of attention) come from and where does it flow in the viewer?
  • does it flow to or from the company?
  • are there synergies between proportions and material, shape and color in relation to your corporate goals?

Valuation of Company Logos and Documentation

We have standards for evaluating logos and business documents, which can now be measured and analyzed.

After assessing the current situation, you will receive suggestions in a personal conversation on how you can improve the external impact of your logo, systematically redesign it or come up with a new logo.

Your Investment

Per hour: € 108,-

Prices do not include current VAT.


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