Home Office for Self Employed

Are you self-employed and are you currently developing your professional activity from your home?

You may have your work room in your home or develop your professional activity in an area of one of the rooms, enabled for this purpose.

In both cases, Feng Shui can help you harmonize your spaces to align them with your professional goals. Thus, the art of Feng Shui makes it possible to adapt the rooms so that your work life receives the desired energy.

This Feng Shui consultancy includes:

Determine the Energy Sectors using the Compass Method

  • Establishment of the reference lines of the Bagua of the home and the work room
  • Determination of the geometric center of the room
  • Determination of the energy center of the room
  • Calculation and drawing of the individual sectors of the Bagua of the room
  • Proposal for the distribution of the work room
  • Assignment of Bagua sectors to Kua elements, colors, shapes, trigrams and numbers
  • Individual activation conclusion

Alignment of the Home Office to Achieve Objectives

  • Set your career goals
  • Determine your relevant and beneficial energy qualities
  • Align the space with your professional purpose
  • Activation and targeting of these energies through style and design elements


In order to provide reliable advice, we need the following documents and information:

  • The floor plan of your home, indicating the work room or the work area in a room
  • North orientation must be indicated on the floor plan
  • Sketch with the current layout of the room or work area
  • Photographs of the room where you work, in which you can see the current layout
  • Your date and time of birth

Written Evaluation of Analysis

You will receive the results of the analysis work summarized in writing. Still, it is important that you take your own notes during counseling.

For a successful analysis, it is essential that all Feng Shui measures are carried out consistently. This is important, as each change has an impact on all factors in your professional environment.

So it is important where and what changes you start with. Our priority list will be a guide to the successful implementation of your Feng Shui guidelines.

During your advice I will answer all your questions.

Your Invenstment

Rate: € 480,-

Prices do not include current VAT.



Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

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