Do you want to live in the best property?

At Feng Shui we work so that you really live or work in the best property for you, so that your connection with your property provides you with a full, happy and successful life.

This ancient science of observation, born thousands of years ago in China, is based on the fact that everything is connected: we influence our property and then it influences us.

With Feng Shui we can influence this connection, so that your property – home, premises, office, company – is “in tune” with the vital or professional desires of the tenants.


With Feng Shui it is possible to consciously use this interaction for processes of for a positive change.

The basis for this is the energy flow and Bagua analysis, in which the individual Bagua sectors, life or professional desires and their influence are visible on the ground-plan.

The Eight Fortunes of the Bagua

Below we list the eight main themes that the Bagua covers in Feng Shui:

  • Fortune of Occupation

  • Fortune of Learning

  • Fortune of Health and Wealth

  • Fortune of Prosperity

  • Fortune of Recognition

  • Fortune of Love and Relations

  • Fortune of the Descendants

  • Fortune of the Protectors

Method of Analysis

Energy Flow Analysis

  • Based on the spatial structures (room shape, window and door arrangement), we create the energy flow analysis for your floor plan
  • This is recorded in the plan and explained accordingly
  • This results in suggestions for optimizing energy flow

Determination of the Bagua Sectors

  • In the second step, the Bagua sectors are determined
  • Irregularities in the floor plan are identified as extensions or as objective or relative missing areas
  • Compensation recommendations for bagua harmonization are attached to your discussion

Individual Analysis

  • Evaluation of the elementary requirements with the Individual Analysis Questionnaire
  • Calculation of your beneficial directions and elemental correspondences

Added Value

  • A free 45 minute phone consultation

What we need in advance for the analysis

  • Planos de planta
  • El plano de ubicación de la propiedad
  • Fotografías del entorno de la propiedad. (Registra los puntos caridnales y anotalos en el plano de planta)
  • Tus datos individuales: nombre, fechas de nacimiento, los cuestionarios para su evaluación

Your Investment

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Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

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