Feng Shui Advice for Homes

Experience Feng Shui and see your own rooms from a different perspective. Because your environment is in resonance with you and therefore you can change something in your life by consciously shaping your environment.

These external changes have a very direct and immediate effect, since there is an interaction between people and space. This works whether we are aware of it or not.

Do you feel uncomfortable in your home for any reason?

Are there always conflicts or even arguments?

Do you have problems at work, with money, with your relationship or with another area of life?

With Feng Shui it is possible to consciously use this interaction for processes of positive change. The basis for this is energy flow and Bagua analysis, in which individual Bagua sectors, life wishes and their positioning are visible on the floor plan.

The resulting Bagua areas correspond to the life wishes known in Feng Shui:

  • work and career
  • knowledge and skills
  • health and vitality
  • abundance and wealth
  • fame and recognition
  • relationship and association
  • children and creativity
  • helpful friends and mentors.

Estos son los pasos que seguiremos:

Anamnesis Interview and Site Inspection

  • Anamnesis interview with residents
  • Determination of the actual state
  • Definition of objectives for the private advice of Feng Shui living spaces
  • Inspection of the site outside and inside

Energy Flow Analysis

  • Visualization of the energy flow in the environment (interior / exterior, access routes to the property, possibly property, in the building, stairs, windows, doors, corners and edges …)
  • Identification of the main energy flow points (PFE) in the floor plan to correct and harmonize the energy flow
  • These energy flow points are the acupuncture points in the room and are used to direct the energy. You decide where in the room. In relation to the Bagua analysis and the determination of the quality of the change, your Feng Shui consultant will assign a specific quality to you, which will now also answer the question of how
  • Checking bedrooms for signs of interference fields

Bagua Analysis

  • Bagua analysis at different levels, drawing on the house plan
  • Determination of objective and relative missing areas, extensions in the spaces
  • Determination of the energy state:
    • What energetic qualities access and nourish the house significantly (orientation, environment, principle of influx)
    • What energetic qualities are diminished, blocked, which flow, through what?
  • Development of specific correction suggestions
  • What qualities of energy cannot be manifested
  • Determination and fixation of resonance anchors

Individual Analysis

  • Activation of personal potential
  • Activation and focusing of individual color and shape correspondences
  • Directional energies
  • Other sources of Feng Shui

Joint Tour of the House

  • Full explanation of analysis approaches and tools
  • Presentation of basic harmonization measures with a response check
  • Instructions and explanations to implement your Feng Shui guidelines
  • Joint inspection and practical explanation
  • Clarification of individual questions at home

Written Evaluation of the Analysis

  • You will receive the results of the Feng Shui 48 analysis work summarized in writing in a folder
  • In addition to the various floor plans, harmonization measurements and numerous tables explaining the tips are included
  • Each Feng Shui analysis also includes a priority list that the Feng Shui 48 consultant will draw up for you
  • For a successful analysis, it is essential that all Feng Shui measurements are consistent
  • Because each change has an impact on all the factors of an apartment
  • So it doesn’t matter where you start with what changes
  • Our priority list will be a guide to the successful implementation of your Feng Shui guidelines

Your Investment

Rate: € 10 per m² of living space (from 80 square meters).

Since each analysis at home requires the same minimum development, even for small spaces, we start with a basic fee of € 800, –

Prices do not include current VAT.


Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

Are you interested?