Born in Barcelona and with a personal multicultural background, my professional career has developed in its beginnings in the world of tourism and hospitality.

After my studies of Hotel Management and Tourism at the Hotel School of Sant Pol de Mar, I have been able to work in the main Spanish tourist destinations, in direct contact with clients from multiple origins. This exchange of cultures and ideas has allowed me to interact with various personalities and characters over the years.

A positive life leads you to Feng Shui

Over the years my interest in oriental philosophy awakened and I studied traditional Chinese medicine for two years at the Five Elements School in Granada. These years brought me closer to traditional Chinese philosophy and the ancient art of Feng Shui.

To deepen my knowledge, I studied at the Deutsche Feng Shui Institut (German Feng Shui Institute), where I have been trained as a Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui works because it respects our basic needs

I work with a modern Feng Shui, based on the essence of traditional Feng Shui and in keeping with the western world in which we live.

See you soon,

Marc reinhardt

Feng Shui gives you the freedom to pursue your own needs.

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